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About Us


Trans-it Logistics Group was conceived with the idea that if we created a logistics company centered around the needs of today's dynamic business enterprises, the possibilities and opportunities for us to change our industry would be endless.

Trans it Team united with hands together
The Trans it team walking together at the Sea Port Terminal


To blend talent, experience and operational excellence with technology driven platforms to achieve hassle free Transportation Solutions that add value to your business while bringing in your business partners closer to your organization.


At Trans-it, we promise to stay focused and committed to serving YOUR needs. Not what's best for the industry or the market or convenient for the team. No, our commitment is to the needs of your organization and what is most economical for your transportation needs. No disruptions - no excuses.

A Trans it Customer Service Representative smiling while helping a customer on the phone


When Trans-it was conceived, we knew that we wanted to do things differently than what the industry is doing at the time. We understood that all we had to do was provide more service and better service, and the rest will take care of itself.

To guide our business principals we commissioned The Trans-it Value Proposition, or TVP. Simply stated, TVP is our moral compass. Guides our every move as we navigate our daily interaction with our employees, customers and business partners. It is our guide to service. It is our guide to success! The TVP is based on Integrity, Trust, Respect and Service.

The Trans it Value Proposition Circle showing Integrity, Trust, Respect and Service
A Trans it Technology worker smiling while working at a data center


Trans-it Logistics Group is a full scale Logistics company entered around today’s demanding technology driven business environments.

We have designed and built a modern and scalable Transportation Management Planform that integrates the logistics value chain to provide you with unparalleled visibility and transparency into your shipping process.

This is a game changer for your organization as access to relevant and meaningful data will give you the opportunity to make quicker and better decisions about your business in real-time.


Our team understand that we serve you! As such, we are an extension of your business. We value your business and do not
take this responsibility lightly. We pledge to respect and protect your sensitive information and heed all manners of confidentiality as it relates to your business information.

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